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Inspiring spaces open to all: schools, the general public & professionals

What is it?
What happens?

People get together to consider

  • food
  • nutrition & food production
  • careers in hospitality and service industries
  • culinary arts & the overall experience
  • food design and culinary innovation

People work, talk, eat…

They come for something – without really knowing what that something is…

They’re curious, they explore…


Get closer to chefs than ever before and be taken through the process, step-by-step

Throughout the year, discover:

Experience conferences

Participative, collaborative, places for discussion


Short, immersive, a digression to experiment and study a subject in more depth, some me-time, a bubble, using guided autonomy

Professional workshops

Upskilling, technique, advanced training

Workshops for the general public and schools

Explore, enjoy it, have fun through learning

La cuisinerie (the art of cooking)

Laboratory celebrating our culinary heritage and traditions.

“La Cuisinerie” was initiated by the chef Alexandre Gauthier. The project will begin by collecting recipe books across the region to create an archive and save them from extinction. It will also bring these simple but forgotten household recipes and kitchen traditions back to life.

This project is an integral part of the culinary research laboratory and will be based at the 11/19 site.

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